Flint and Grand Blanc Area Eviction Attorney

Are you a Flint or Grand Blanc area landlord who needs an attorney to evict a tenant for not paying rent or for other reasons? Here is a basic overview of what our lawyers can do for you. If you have more questions, contact our Grand Blanc office at (810) 513-5315 for a free consultation.

The Michigan Landlord-Tenant Act sets very specific requirements for landlords to evict tenants from their rental properties. The basic timeline for the nonpayment of rent is as follows:

  • landlord must give tenant seven (7) day demand for possession to pay the amount claimed is owed in back rent

  • after this time has expired, the landlord must file a complaint in district court for the nonpayment of rent

  • the landlord must serve the summons and complaint upon the tenant

  • a court date is usually set 5-9 days after the initial complaint is filed

  • at the court date, one of the following will occur:

    • if the landlord appears in court but the tenant does not, the landlord will get a default judgment against the tenant

    • if the tenant appears but the landlord does not, the case will be dismissed

    • if both the landlord and tenant appear in court:

      • the judge will listen to both sides' arguments and make a decision

      • the tenant can request a one-week adjournment to seek legal help

      • if the case appears to be complex, the judge will adjourn the matter and treat it similarly to a “normal” civil case

  • assuming the landlord gets a judgment, the tenant has least ten (10) days to pay the amount owed or to vacate the property

  • if after ten days have expired, the tenant has not vacated the premises, the landlord must seek a writ of eviction from the court to have the tenant forcibly evicted from the property by a deputy sheriff


For other landlord-tenant matters, the process is similar but somewhat different, including for:

  • the termination of month-to-month leases

  • tenants holding over after the expiration of lease

  • tenant-caused property damage to the rental property

  • tenant-caused significant health hazard at the rental property

  • mobile home evictions

  • unauthorized tenants or squatters


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Failing to strictly adhere to the legal requirements in the eviction process can cause significant delays in the process, costing you time and money. Our office represents landlords in Flint, Grand Blanc, and all of Genesee County and northern Oakland County and the surrounding area. If you are a landlord who needs to evict a tenant, contact our Grand Blanc office today at (810) 513-5315 for a free consultation on how to protect your property and your rights.