Quality. Trustworthy. Affordable.

We are dedicated to providing effective, affordable legal services for everyone in the Flint and Grand Blanc areas, regardless of income bracket. Whether you need something as basic as an amendment to your will, or whether you need extensive representation for a criminal matter or real estate dispute, you can be assured that your legal concern is our concern.


One of the biggest complaints that people have about attorneys and lawyers is that its costs remain hidden from the general public. Want to know how much that will you need is going to cost? Good luck finding that information on their website. To figure out the price, you will probably have to call the law firm and letting them gauge how much they can charge the service, regardless of how commonplace the legal service may be for the attorney.


Not here. At The Law Offices of Paul J. White, we openly disclose how much routine legal services are going to cost with our publicly disclosed fixed fee system. No more guesswork, just information that allows you to make an informed decision. We treat all potential clients the same way, even if we could charge some clients more. And for more complex legal matters with an indefinite timeframe to resolution, you will know that rate is $170 per hour, even if we cannot put a timetable on when your matter will conclude.


Let us be your bridge over troubled waters. If you have a legal question in the Flint area, give our Grand Blanc office a call at (810) 513-5315 or contact us by e-mail at pjw@whitelegalfirm.com.