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Here’s a secret the real estate industry does not want you to know: you can sell or buy your house on your own for sale by owner (FSBO).


In the pre-Internet days, it would have been much more difficult to sell your home for sale by owner. Real estate agents served a purpose of connecting home buyers and sellers who would not have not known each other existed. Information was tightly controlled in the hands of a few individuals, and these individuals used this information to extract exorbitant fees and commissions from their clients.


Yet today we have Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, and many more apps that you and I probably aren’t even aware of exist on our phones or the Internet. Today, the idea of a real estate agent is becoming outdated for sellers and buyers alike.


For real estate buyers, does the following sound like a familiar scenario:

- you find a house you like online

- you contact your agent to see this house

- you visit your house while your agent waits around outside

- if you want to offer to buy this house, your agent hands you a standard boilerplate form they had no input in creating, only modifying slightly for each customer they have

- if your offer is successful, your agent takes a hefty commission


It seems like many real estate agents are doing little more than making appointments to walk through homes that or interested buyers that the potential buyers see online.


Why pay 6% commission of your house proceeds to a real estate agent who does little more than post your home on the Internet, when you can pay a fraction of this to a real estate attorney who will make sure you are protected?


Why should someone be paid for work that they clearly aren’t doing and clearly don’t deserve?


You can sell your home for sale by owner, but we can help! For a flat fee, we can draft a purchase agreement, set up a closing, obtain title insurance, and do anything needed to complete the sale of your home for sale by owner. Our attorney will help your for sale by owner for just a fraction of what a real estate agent will charge.


If you want to sell your home for sale by owner in Grand Blanc, Genesee County, or anywhere in Southeastern Michigan, make sure to call us for a free consultation and price quote.

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