The Law Office of Paul J. White focuses its practice in three basic areas of law: estate planning and probate administration; real estate transactions; and criminal defense. However, if you have a legal issue outside of these areas, please contact our Grand Blanc office at (810) 513-5315 with your specific problem. If we do not feel comfortable handling your legal problem, we will refer you to a local attorney in Flint or Genesee County who specializes in your problem area.
Flint Estate Planning & Probate Attorney


You may be interested in basic estate planning like a will. You may be interested in more complex estate planning such as a revocable living trust. You may not know what you need.


We provide excellent estate planning for the Flint area tailored to your specific needs at an affordable price. For probate cases, we guide you through all stages of the process to ensure it is as smooth as possible for the decedent's heirs and beneficiaries.


You and your loved ones can rest assured your wishes will be carried out as you direct, with as little hassle as necessary.




Flint Criminal Charges



Are you facing criminal charges in the Flint area and need a criminal lawyer? Here is a brief overview of what you can expect to encounter when facing criminal charges, and why you need an aggressive attorney defending you at every step of the way.


If you are in the Flint area facing criminal charges, contact us for a free, confidential meeting about how to best proceed in your case. When your freedom and money is at stake, you need a criminal lawyer who will protect your rights.



Are you facing drug possession, distribution, or manufacturing criminal charges in the Flint area? Are you a caregiver or patient under the Medical Marijuana Act that has run into trouble? Here is a brief summary of the major drug-related crimes in Michigan, along with the penalties and possible jail time you may face for these charges.


Keeping your freedom and your money when facing drug charges requires an aggressive criminal lawyer. This is especially true because many of your assets may be subject to civil forfeiture to the government in the event of a drug conviction. Our attorneys will work to ensure to protect your rights under the law.

Flint Real Estate Attorney


Need an attorney for your Flint, Grand Blanc, or Genesee County real estate?


Every piece of real estate in the world is individually unique - nothing else on earth is exactly the same as a particular parcel of land. When it comes to your particular piece of real estate, this becomes even more true. Whether you are interested in purchasing or selling a piece of real estate, or whether you are having a dispute with neighbors, trespassers, or the government over your real estate, we can work with you to ensure that your needs are met.


Flint DUI Attorney


Need a DUI lawyer in the Flint area or facing drunk driving or other alcohol-related criminal charges? Here is a brief summary of the major alcohol-related crimes in Michigan, along with the penalties and possible jail time you may be facing for these criminal charges.


Keeping your freedom, your money, and your driver's license when facing DUI and drunk driving criminal charges in the Flint area requires an aggressive criminal lawyer. Our lawyers will work to ensure your rights are protected under the law.



Are you a medical marijuana caregiver, patient, or interested in possibly opening a dispensary in your community? As a member of the NORML Legal Committee, we are dedicated to helping individuals get their medicine while also protecting themselves with sound legal advice.


The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act has helped many individuals in the state. However, failure to closely adhere to the Act's requirements can lead to unwanted attention from law enforcement and can strip many protections that you would otherwise receive under the law. For legal advice on medical marijuana in Flint, contact ouroffice for a free consultation.