Real Estate


Purchases, Sales and Leases

Need assistance with the purchase, sale, or leasing of real estate? Interested in a land contract? Whether it is for residential, commercial, or investment property, we can assist you with all of your real estate needs. For real estate transactions, the smallest details can have significant consequences in the future. You can be assured that your contract will be thoroughly vetted to minimize the chance of problems in the future, and to ensure your property interest is on sound legal footing. 


Boundary Disputes, Easements and Nuisances

Are you in a dispute with your neighbor over what constitutes the boundary line between your properties? Has a neighbor attempted to construct a structure that unnecessarily encroaches on your property rights? Depending on the specifics of your situation, we can help you assess your options. Whether it involves informal dispute resolution with your neighbor, working with a surveyor to formally demarcate the lines between the properties, seeking a court order that halts construction or grants you an easement to protects your rights, or whether you need to seek monetary damages, we can assemble a strategy that will maximize your rights in as cost-effective of a way as possible.


Is your neighbor engaging in activities that is affecting your use and enjoyment of your land? If you are unable to work out an understanding with your neighbor, your next step may be to get the activity classified as a nuisance. Depending on whether the nuisance is public - that is, it affects the public - or whether the nuisance is private in nature and only affects your ownership rights, there are several possible remedies available, including seeking a court order that demands the neighbor cease and desist from their activities, or in some circumstances, seeking monetary damages for the injury to your ownership interest. If you have been affected by the harmful activities of your neighbors, contact our office for a free consultation as to what your rights are.


Zoning, Planning and Land Use Regulation

Are you a property owner who is experiencing difficulties with your local government regarding the use of your property? Are you trying to get a variance for the use of your property? While courts give significant leeway to local governments in how they can regulate land use, their decisions must be consistent with the community's master plan and cannot treat you different than a similarly situated landowner based on their mere dislike of your proposed land use. We can assist you with the research and interpretation of the applicable ordinances and statutes through all steps of the zoning and appeals process, including the local zoning board, board of appeals, and if necessary, filing suit in circuit court.


Quiet Title Actions

Are you in the process of selling real estate and has the title insurance company discovered the existence of a deed or interest that casts doubts on your ownership interest? Has another individual asserted that they are the proper owner of land you believe to be your own? The typical remedy for this is filing a quiet title action in circuit court to conclusively establish your ownership interest and extinguish all competing claims to ownership. By quieting title to the land, you ensure that you have a clean title that will allow you to sell the parcel, while also protecting you from adverse possession claims that could deprive you of land you have legally owned.



Are you a real estate owner or manager who needs to evict tenants from your rental property for the nonpayment of rent, drug violations, or creating a danger to the public? Michigan law requires real estate owned by corporations or LLCs to use licensed attorneys during the eviction process. We can guide you through the eviction process and ensure you retake possession of your property with as little time and profit lost as necessary.



Have a real estate question that is not covered here? Contact our office for a free consultation and we will be happy to answer your questions. Our standard fee for administrating real estate issues is $170 per hour.